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Always consult your health care professional before commencing an exercise or wellness program to ensure it is right for you and your health needs. The content in this program should not be considered medical advice and is not intended as medical advice.

We have worked with leading researchers from across the globe to develop this unique, evidence-based, wellness program and are really proud of what we have achieved. If our wellness programs have made a difference to your quality of life, please tell your friends and family about us and share the love, but do not share our content and login information. We’d love to help your friends on their own, individual wellness journey.

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Website Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“Terms“) govern your use of our website located at (including any subdomains and subdirectories and the Portal as defined below) (“Site“) and form a binding contractual agreement between the user of the Site (“you”, “your”) and University of Technology Sydney, ABN 77 257 686 961 (“us”, “our”, “we” or UTS”).

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  2. Portal
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    • When we have received your application, we will allocate a username and password to you and notify details to the email address you provide when registering.
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  3. Intellectual Property Rights
    • Nothing in these Terms constitutes a transfer of any intellectual property rights in relation to the Site or any content appearing therein. You acknowledge and agree that all such intellectual property rights remain vested in UTS and/or its licensors.
    • By posting or adding any content onto the Site, you grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide and transferable right and licence to use that content in any way (including, without limitation, by reproducing, changing, and communicating the content to the public) and permit us to authorise any other person to do the same thing.
    • You consent to any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an infringement of your moral rights, and if you add any content in which any third party has moral rights, you must also ensure that the third party also consents in the same manner.
  4. Liability
    • To the fullest extent permitted by law:
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      • UTS shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense (“Loss”) suffered or incurred by you arising from your use of the Site or any materials therein;
      • Where we are unable to exclude our liability for Loss in accordance with clause 4.1(b) of these Terms, our total aggregate liability to you for all Loss arising in connection with your use of the Site and any materials therein shall not exceed $100 (one hundred dollars); and
      • In no event will UTS or its related entities, employees or representatives be liable to you or any other person for Loss not arising as a natural, foreseeable and direct consequence of our acts or omissions.
    • These Terms are to be read subject to any legislation which prohibits or restricts the exclusion, restriction or modification of any implied warranties, conditions, guarantees or obligations.
  5. Professional advice
    • You acknowledge and agree that:
      • the materials and information made available on the Site are for general information purposes only and are not and should not under any circumstances be construed as advice, whether medical or otherwise; and
      • you should consult a qualified health professional for any advice or other medical needs; and
      • to the fullest extent permitted by law, neither UTS nor any of its related entities, employees or representatives be liable for any Loss arising from your reliance on any information appearing on any part of the Site.
  6. General
    • You must not assign, sublicence or otherwise deal in any other way with any of your rights under these Terms.
    • If a provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable it is to be read down or severed to the extent necessary without affecting the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.
    • These Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and courts with jurisdiction to hear appeals from those courts.