We are an international collaboration of researchers, health practitioners, educators, universities and research institutions dedicated to supporting the ongoing health and wellbeing of women across every stage of life.

Our Women’s Wellness Research Collaborative work covers all the elements that contribute to wellbeing, including exercise and diet, managing stress and anxiety, sleeping well and implementing positive lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of developing preventable conditions.

As part of our Women’s Wellness Research Program, we have translated some of this research into a number of evidence-based wellness programs to address specific health needs for women, including wellness after cancer and managing type 2 diabetes. We are proud to be working with a number of clinical partners to deliver our 12-week programs across the Asia Pacific region and in the United Kingdom. Visit DAWN Complete Health and Wellbeing for more information about these programs.

Our vision is to continue to work with leading clinical partners and educators to influence the wellness conversation and support women to get the best out of life, at every stage of life.